Wed, Nov

A successful first round of workshops


Building a Drawing

Our first workshop at Lunenburg School of the Arts was held on October 11th.  Building A Drawing, led by Assistant Professor of Architecture at Dalhousie University, Roger Mullin, took participants out into the community to draw the townscape.



Stone Carving

On October 18, the Stone Carving workshop, led by instructor Heather Lawson, had participants experimenting with basic stone carving techniques. Such a good time was had by all we expect Heather will be back to lead a five day workshop in the summer of 2015.



Micro Mosaic Jewellery

On November 22, Rebecca Hannon led an exciting one-day Micro Mosaic Jewellery workshop. Participants cut tiny pieces of colour core plastic laminate, assembled them into pleasing images and then imbedded them in a jewellery setting to create a brightly coloured pendant.