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The Lunenburg Symposium: Mentorship in the Arts

The Lunenburg Symposium for web

May 27 – 29, 2016

at Lunenburg School of the Arts

To mark the 10th anniversary of their Mentorship Program Visual Arts Nova Scotia is excited to announce The Lunenburg Symposium: Mentorship in the Arts, in partnership with the Lunenburg School of the Arts. This two day symposium explores more in-depth ideas and issues around mentorship in the arts, including the rise of alternate education models and community-driven peer learning.

Guest presenters include: Mammalian Diving Reflex, Zachary Gough and Shawna Dempsey. Featuring artist onstage interviews with Iris Hauser, Cate Francis, Sarah Crawley, Jaime Black, Anne Macmillan and Peter Dykhuis.

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