September 7, 2023

Please join us on Thursday September 7th at 7:00pm in the 151 Montague Street Gallery for the opening of SCAPES(S) by Samantha Battaglia.

Samantha Battaglia is a restoration designer and painter. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University and a Master of Science in Ecological Design from the Conway School in Massachusetts. She has been the recipient of the NSCAD Lunenburg Community Studio Residency Program, the White Rabbit Residency and she is currently a maker as part of the ReFoundry project here in Lunenburg. Samantha resides in Nova Scotia where she balances a life of managing and designing nature-based infrastructure projects and creating art, primarily practicing as an oil painter.

Her current body of work ‘SCAPE(S)’ uses a natural colour palette to depict the long, linear horizon lines and dramatic lighting found in landscapes that feature bodies of water. These representations of landscapes are layered with an ode to modernism and cubism that is typical of her work; fractured geometric shadows, multiple perspective points, and hard-edged shapes that simultaneously recede into the background or direct attention to the surface of the painting.

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